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 UTV Performance Upgrades & Tune-Ups

The sky is the limit!  Here at Phoenix Jetski and UTV we can install all kinds of UTV upgrades and UTV performance parts on your ride. Whether you're looking for more speed, more safety, storage, or anything in between!

Quality UTV Performance Upgrades done right!

Our expert team of ex-UTV racing technicians breathe UTV performance!  Just give us a call and let us know what you're seeking and we'll point you in the right direction for which upgrades to make first. We handle them all in-house in our UTV repair shop.


Here's a few of the most popular UTV upgrades, but reach out with anything you have in mind, chances are we can make it happen!

  • Hitches, Bumpers & Winches

  • Upgraded roll cage

  • Suspension seats

  • Wheels & Tires

  • Light Bars and Accent Lighting

  • Windshields

  • Roof Kits

  • Skid Plates

  • Suspension Seats

  • Stereo Systems

  • Doors and Graphics

  • Performance engine parts

  • Suspension upgrades 

  • And a whole lot more!!

Performance Tuning

Leveraging some of the best advanced tuning and diagnostic tools, Phoenix Jetski & UTV can really make your UTV come alive!


A performance tune can increase throttle response, raise rev and speed limiters and even add considerable power gains. We can also re-flash your ECU back to stock if needed.


Suspension Upgrades

Upgraded UTV suspension is one of the most popular side by side upgrades, as it is often the first component to fail.

By upgrading your UTV suspension, you are installing confidence and peace of mind on the trail. We can repair, replace and upgrade the suspension for your UTV.


Lighting Upgrades

Light bars, pod lights, antennas and whips, underbody lighting and more.


Whether you're looking to improve lighting for night riding, or to make your UTV stand out at the dunes, we can install all kinds of lighting to get the job done.

utv winch upgrade

Winch Installation

A properly installed winch will save your day! But a winch that doesn't work right can ruin your day and leave you stranded!

​Leave your winch installation to the professionals. If your winch is not properly installed, it may not operate at its full potential.


Upgraded Stereo

What's better than shredding the trails in your UTV??  Doing it while jamming out to your favorite music with crystal clear clarity and chest pumping sound!

There's quite a few options when it comes to upgrading your sound system, we can help you choose the best one to suit your UTV and music preferences, and we'll do a clean install so all wires are hidden and safely connected.


The options to upgrade and enhance your UTV are endless... If you're unsure of where to start, or have questions about a particular upgrade, give us a call!

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