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Jet Ski Preventative Maintenance

Benjamin Franklin once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Properly maintaining your jet ski will ensure that you have many fun-packed years of top performance, smooth riding and peace of mind. If you’re not sure when and what to keep an eye on, please give us a call! We are happy to advise you free of charge about what to keep an eye on and what to regularly service so that your riding experience is a fun, safe and memorable one!

Our jet ski maintenance services cover all routine maintenance including spark plug replacement, oil changes, battery replacements, engine and exhaust flushes and more. We also offer complete winter and summer prep services, as well as jet ski race prep service!

Routine Maintenance

One of the greatest joys of a hot Arizona summer is skipping across the water on your jet ski.  However, one sure-fire way to instantly kill the fun is a jet ski broken down in the middle of the lake... Jet skis need a lot of love and routine maintenance to continue performing their best.

On-site Jet Ski Test Tank

 If you know somethings wrong, but just don’t know how to describe it, we’ve got you covered. Maybe you did some home repairs and want to test your jet ski before you take off for day of fun on the water.   Unlike other shops, we have a test tank available on site and are able to test your jet ski anytime (for a fee).  We also offer lake tests at Lake Pleasant upon request.

Authorized AMSOIL Dealers

AMSOIL is renowned for longer lasting superior quality synthetic oils that ensure peak engine efficiency, unmatched wear protection, engine cleanliness and fuel efficiency. Experience the AMSOIL difference at Phoenix Jetski & UTV.


Jet Ski Winter and Summer Prep Services

Jet ski winter and summer prep service ensures you will have years of high performance and stress free fun! To keep you on the water more, it is important to keep your jet ski’s engine clean and well maintained.  That is what we are here for.  This means servicing your jet ski annually, and at the beginning and end of each season. It is important to change out worn parts with new parts, flush your engine and exhaust, and clean debris buildup that occurs during regular use.

Trailer Bearing Repack

Make sure you get to your destination safely with a trailer bearing repack.  We will perform a thorough cleaning and repacking of the wheel bearings, replace the grease seals and inspect the brakes.

Rebuild Carpeted Trailer Bunks

Gone unrepaired, a broken trailer bunk can damage your jetski or worse yet it fails supporting your jetski as you’re flying down the highway! We move your jetski onto our lifts, replace the bunks with new pressure-treated wood, new carpet, and rust-proof stainless steel stables.

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