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Jet Ski Restoration Services

Make that faded and torn up jet ski look like new again!! We are experts at breathing new life into your worn out jet skis!  From new seat covers, traction mats and plastics, to tune-ups, upgrades and regular servicing - you are going to once again be proud to skip across the water on your jet ski restored with love by the experienced team at Phoenix Jetski & UTV.

"Wait... there's an experienced Jet Ski Restoration Shop in Phoenix??"

Phoenix jetski & UTV offers complete restoration of your worn out looking jetski.  We can restore your Gel-coat, replace worn out seat covers, traction mats, grips, faded plastics and faded gauges, and even restore your registration numbers as they all take a beating from our beautiful Arizona summers. Get your jet ski restored and bring it back to its former glory. We'll even pick up and drop off your jet ski from your slip at Scorpion Bay Marina, Lake Pleasant!

Jet Ski Detailing

Want your old ski to shine like new, maybe it could just use a good wash.  Give us a call and we can schedule a time to make your jet ski look like it belongs on the showroom floor.

Jet ski Fiberglass Repair , Gel-coat Restore & Paint Repair

Wreck your jet ski? Suffer some damage from tying up at the dock? Regardless of the damage, we can get your ski looking new again. Schedule an appointment for a free estimate.


Jet ski Hull Repair

Get your jet ski back in the water with our expert jet ski hull repair service.

Whether it's fiberglass repair to mend minor damages or a complete hull replacement for a fresh start, our skilled technicians ensure top-quality craftsmanship.

Your can trust our experienced team of jet ski mechanics in Phoenix, AZ to bring your jet ski back to peak condition, so you can get back to enjoying more exciting adventures on the water!


Kawasaki Super Chicken Build

 The iconic Kawasaki SC is making a comeback! Otherwise known as the “Spine Crusher” or “Sea Couch”, the classic Super Chicken is definitely one of the oddest looking jet skis made.

We completely restored and upgraded this Super Chicken that was once beat up and worn out. We replaced the square handle bars for an easier handling dirt bike style, replaced plastics, traction mats, bumper guards and a whole lot more. The engine also received some love and upgrades.  Pretty neat huh?!?

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