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Jet Ski Repair at Lake Pleasant

Convenient on the lake service saves you time and money - we come to you!  Whether you’re lakeside at Lake Pleasant or at your slip in Scorpion Bay Marina, we bring all the tools and equipment necessary to keep you riding at max performance without you having to tow your jet ski anywhere.

We provide quality mobile jet ski repair services at Lake Pleasant and the Scorpion Bay marina.

We can come to your slip and do most routine service and even most repairs on site.  For larger jobs that can’t be done at the lake, we are able to trailer your jet ski(s) from Lake Pleasant to our nearby shop, then conveniently re-deliver them back to you upon completion.

Lost Key Replacement 

Drop your key off the dock?  Want to program a learner key for your kids?  Have multiple SeaDoo Jetskis, tired of mixing up the keys? Do not worry! Here at Phoenix Jetski we can program a key for your SeaDoo or program all your keys to work on all your SeaDoo Jetskis.  Call or Text to schedule a time for us to come and program you a replacement key.

Emergency Repairs

 Jetski break down at the lake? Did your worst fear come true and your jetski sank? Maybe you sucked something up and just do not know what to do.  Don’t panic, call or text Phoenix Jetski and UTV, we will advise you on the best steps on how to save your jetski and additional repairs.

Winter / Summer Prep

To keep you on the water more, it is important to keep your jetski’s engine clean and well maintained.  That is what we are here for.  This means servicing your Jetski annually and at the beginning and end of the season, changing out worn parts with new parts.  It is also important to clean debris buildup that occurs during regular use.

Routine Service and Repairs

Here at Phoenix Jetski and UTV we service all makes and models.  We can provide annual and seasonal servicing, engine repair and complete rebuilds, accessory installation, wiring repair, and detailing.

Trailer Bearing Repack

 Has your trailer been sitting at drydock too long?  Make sure you get to your next destination safely with a trailer bearing repack.  We will perform a thorough cleaning and repacking of the wheel bearings, replace the grease seals and inspect the brakes.

Repair Carpeted Trailer Bunks

Gone unrepaired, a broken trailer bunk can damage your jetski or worse yet it fails supporting your jetski as you’re flying down the highway! We move your jetski onto our lifts, replace the bunks with new pressure-treated wood, new carpet, and rust-proof stainless steel stables.

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