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Jetski Pre-Purchase Inspection

Don't Let Your Dream Jet Ski Turn into a Nightmare: Get Peace of Mind and Avoid Costly Repairs with a Pre-Purchase Inspection!

Imagine for a moment, cruising smoothly across the water into the sunset on your very own jet's an amazing experience!!!  But first, please take our advice.......



Before you dive headfirst into buying a pre-loved jet ski, get a jet ski pre-purchase inspection at Phoenix Jet Ski & UTV! Hidden problems can lurk just beneath the surface, leaving you stranded with hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs... not the experience you dreamt of!

Just like buying a car, a pre-purchase inspection by a qualified mechanic is also crucial for jet skis. You wouldn't want your first joyride to end up in a frustrating breakdown, leaving you stranded and your wallet lighter. That's where Phoenix Jet Ski & UTV comes in!

We Offer 3 Jetski Pre-Purchase Inspections:


Standard Inspection

(Drop off at our shop.)

  • This comprehensive inspection is performed at our state-of-the-art workshop by our certified technicians.

  • We'll thoroughly examine your jet ski to ensure you're making a confident purchase.


On-Site Inspection

(We go to you.)

  • Prefer the ease of an on-site inspection? We can send a qualified technician directly to your location (Sundays only).

  • This service includes a thorough inspection to identify any potential issues.

  • Please note: A travel fee applies for locations exceeding 15 miles from our shop. This fee will be added to the upfront, non-refundable service charge.


Premium Inspection

(Includes On-Water Test.)

  • Our most comprehensive option! This inspection includes everything in the Standard Inspection, plus a real-world performance assessment.

  • Our technician will take your jet ski for a test ride on the water to evaluate its handling and overall functionality.

  • Important: This premium service can only be performed on jet skis dropped off at our shop.



Why Choose Phoenix Jet Ski & UTV for Your Pre-Purchase Inspection?

For a mere $230, you gain peace of mind knowing our certified mechanics will thoroughly inspect all of the key components of your jet ski to ensure you're not unknowingly buying a "lemon". A small investment to potentially save you a ton of repairs and headaches...

Our inspection goes beyond basic checks. You might not be a jet ski expert, but we are! We'll translate the technical jargon into clear terms, giving you the confidence to make an informed decision so you can focus on the excitement of hitting the water and creating unforgettable memories, not on potential problems lurking beneath the hood.​

Here's what you can expect during our comprehensive pre-purchase jet ski inspection:

Visual Inspection:

We'll meticulously examine the hull, engine compartment, and overall condition of the jet ski, looking for any signs of damage, leaks, or excessive wear and tear.

Drive Line and Shaft:

We'll closely examine the jet ski's drive line and shaft for any signs of wear, damage, or misalignment.

Full Electrical Inspection:

We'll thoroughly inspect the entire electrical system, from the battery and wiring to all electrical components, ensuring everything is functioning properly.

Battery Load Test:

We'll perform a battery load test to assess the battery's health and cranking capacity (CCA).

Compression Test:

This comprehensive test assesses the health of the engine, helping us identify potential internal issues.

Trailer Inspection:

We'll ensure your trailer's wheel bearings are properly lubricated and functioning smoothly, and that the taillights are working correctly for safe transportation.

Every Inspection Comes with a Detailed Report!

After our inspection, you'll receive a detailed report that's easy to understand, covering everything we checked. This can be a great asset to have for negotiating price with the seller.

Here's what you can expect in your report:

PDF Screenshot of the ECU's Stored Engine Hours:

This will show you the exact number of hours on the jet ski's engine, giving you valuable insight into its overall usage.

Any Faults that May Be Active/Occurred:

We'll identify any current or past trouble codes stored in the jet ski's computer system, helping you understand any potential issues.

Engine Compression Test Results:

This will show the compression levels in each cylinder, which is crucial for assessing the engine's overall health and performance.

Charging System & Battery Test Results:

We'll report on the condition of the battery and charging system, ensuring you won't be left stranded with a dead battery.aft for any signs of wear, damage, or misalignment.

Jetpump & Drive Components:

Our report will detail the condition of the jet pump and drive components, which are vital for propulsion.

Steering & Reverse Lever/Cables Condition:

We'll check the steering system and reverse lever/cables for any signs of wear, tear, or damage, ensuring smooth and safe control.

Electronic Braking/Reverse System Status/Condition Report (if applicable):

For jet skis with electronic braking or reverse systems, we'll provide a detailed report on their functionality.

Hull Condition:

Our report will detail the overall condition of the jet ski's hull, including any cracks, repairs, or gelcoat damage.

Trailer Condition:

We'll also inspect the trailer and report on its condition, including the brakes, lights, and tires.

Making the Inspection Process Easy:
Seller Coordination Done-For-You

For your convenience, we can even coordinate the jet ski drop-off at our shop directly with the seller, saving you time and hassle. (Optional upon request)

Contact us today to schedule your pre-purchase inspection!

A pre-purchase inspection from Phoenix Jet Ski & UTV is a small investment that can save you a lot of time, money, and frustration down the road. Don't let a hidden issue turn your dream jet ski purchase into a nightmare.

Frequently Asked Questions About Jet Skis & Pre-Purchase Inspections:

  • What things should I look out for when buying a used jet ski?
    While a visual inspection is important, there's more to buying a used jet ski than just checking for a shiny coat of paint. Here are some key things to consider that might not be readily apparent: Engine Health: The dashboard hours only reflect wear on the hull, not necessarily the engine. A rebuilt or replaced engine can extend the jet ski's lifespan, but it's crucial to assess its current condition. Our pre-purchase inspection includes a compression test to identify any potential internal issues. Hidden Faults: Modern jet skis store diagnostic information electronically. Unfortunately, accessing this data requires specialized equipment. Our inspection uses the appropriate tools to uncover any fault codes that might indicate underlying problems. Jet Pump & Propulsion System: A damaged jet pump or propeller can leave you stranded. We thoroughly inspect these components to ensure smooth operation and avoid an unpleasant surprise on the water. Saltwater Corrosion: Saltwater exposure can wreak havoc on an engine's internal components. Our inspection includes checking for signs of corrosion that could lead to expensive repairs down the road. Overall Condition: While a visual inspection is helpful, it doesn't tell the whole story. Our comprehensive inspection goes beyond the surface, examining the fiberglass hull for hidden damage and checking for leaks that could be a major headache. Battery Health: A dead battery on a jet ski means you're going nowhere fast. We test the battery's health and cranking capacity to ensure it's ready to power your adventures.
  • Why is a pre-purchase jet ski inspection a good idea?
    Buying a used jet ski can be a great way to save money and enjoy the water. Here's why an inspection is crucial: Fewer Surprises: Even the seller might not be aware of hidden issues, especially if the jet ski hasn't been used in a while. Our inspection uncovers potential problems before they become surprises on the water. Peace of Mind: Unlike private sellers, we offer peace of mind. You won't be stuck with a potentially unreliable jet ski or unexpected repair bills after purchase.
  • How do I know if a jet ski is in good condition?
    If you're new to jet skis, it's challenging to assess their condition on your own. Here's where we come in: Beyond the Surface: A shiny exterior doesn't guarantee a healthy jet ski. Our inspection goes beyond the surface, checking the engine, drive system, electrical components, and more, for any hidden issues. Uncovering Secrets: Modern jet skis store valuable information electronically. Our inspection uses specialized tools to access this data, revealing past problems or potential faults that might not be readily apparent. Expert Knowledge: Certain jet ski models have known weaknesses. Our experienced mechanics know exactly where to look for these issues, ensuring a thorough assessment.
  • How much does it cost to service a jet ski?
    Generally, jet ski ownership is less expensive than owning a boat. However, regular maintenance is key to keeping your jet ski running smoothly and safely. Service Costs Vary: The cost of servicing a jet ski depends on the make, model, year, and engine type (2-stroke or 4-stroke). At Phoenix Jet Ski & UTV, we can provide an estimate based on your specific jet ski. Average Costs: Typically, expect to spend around $400-$600 per year for maintenance. Twice-a-season service (before and after) is recommended for optimal performance.
  • Do I need a title when buying a jet ski?
    Jet ski titling regulations vary by state. Here's a general guideline: Title or Registration: Most jet skis should have a title. In some states, a registration card might be issued instead. Required Documents: Before purchase, ensure the seller provides a title or registration card along with a bill of sale. You'll need both for registration and legal operation on public waterways.
  • Is a jet ski pre-purchase inspection worth it?
    Absolutely! Here's why: Save Money: Our inspection can uncover hidden problems that could lead to expensive repairs down the road. By knowing the jet ski's true condition upfront, you can negotiate a lower price if needed, or avoid a potential money pit altogether. Peace of Mind: Imagine the frustration of buying a jet ski that breaks down on your first ride. With a pre-purchase inspection, you can hit the water with confidence, knowing you're not buying a dud. Informed Decision: Unless you're a jet ski expert, it's easy to miss crucial details during a simple visual inspection. Our inspection provides a detailed report, empowering you to make a well-informed decision about your purchase.

Invest in Confidence:
Schedule Your Jet Ski Inspection Today!

For as little as $230, our pre-purchase inspection can save you a lot of money, hassle, and disappointment down the road. Contact Phoenix Jet Ski & UTV today to schedule your inspection and get ready for smooth cruisin!

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