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Jet Ski Key Replacement and Programming Services

Losing a key is the worst!! We’ve all been there…

Get your jetski back cruising on the water in no time with our key programming services!

Whether you need jet Sea-Doo DESS key programming or replacement of a lost jet ski key, we've got you covered!

We’re one of the only shops around the Phoenix area that does jet ski key programming!  Haven’t lost a key yet? Well, there’s no better time than NOW to get some duplicates made just in case!

Jet Ski Replacement Key Services

Did you drop your key in the water?  Or perhaps it simply got lost and you have a day on the water planned!

Either way, we can get you back on the water quickly with the help of our jet ski key replacement services! Trailer your jet ski to our shop, or we can come to you to program you a replacement key!


Jet Ski DESS Key Programming Service

Need a new jet ski key programmed? Or perhaps you have multiple Sea-Doo Jet skis, and you're tired of mixing up the keys?

Here at Phoenix Jetski & UTV we have the tools and experience to program keys for your jet ski, or even program all your keys to conveniently work on ALL of your Sea-Doos!

We strongly suggest getting a couple backups made in case one gets lost! We can even program a learner key for your kids.

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