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 UTV Dunes Prep Services

Ripping through the sand at the dunes is one of the most fun ways to enjoy your UTV - IF your UTV is prepared right. Our team knows what takes to keep your UTV safe and able to power through the sand - all you have to do is gas it and go!

Professional UTV Dune Prep Services in Phoenix, AZ

Our team of ex-UTV racing technicians have shredded through all kinds of terrain, and therefore have the hard earned wisdom to know how to keep sand out of important areas of your UTV, as well as getting you outfitted with the right tires and equipment in order to maximize the performance of your UTV at the dunes.


Not only is it harder for you to ride in the sand, it's also harder on your UTV. Higher RPM's are normal, so it is essential that your engine is maintained and ready. 

If you have a question, just give us a call. Otherwise, for peace of mind knowing you're ready to tackle any dune hill > schedule a drop-off so our team can get your UTV dune ready for you.

Engine & UTV Maintenance

With higher demand on the engine and suspension as well as dust and sand getting literally everywhere, it's important that your engine and UTV are lubed up and ready.

A fresh oil change is strongly recommended, as well as a clean air filter, greasing up axles and suspension, tightening up all nuts, bolts and cotter pins, and more.


Paddle Tires for Sand

Without paddle tires in the dunes, you will absolutely be left in the dust, and most likely stuck digging holes!

The ideal UTV paddle tire setup depends on your riding style. V-cups are great for all around riding, whereas straight cup paddle tires will help you climb the tallest hills. Your front tire choice is also important and greatly affects the ride.

We will help you determine which paddle tire is best suited for your personal riding style, then we'll get them professionally installed and aired to the correct [lower] PSI for cruising through the sand dunes with ease!


Lighting Upgrades

There's 2 main reasons to upgrade your UTV lighting for the dunes:

  1. Night-riding at the dunes is a blast! But a limited range of sight is scary.

  2. Make your UTV stand out amongst the crowd with accent and underbody lighting!

Light bars, pod lights, antennas and whips, underbody lighting and more. We will ensure you are safe and looking good!

utv winch upgrade

Winch Installation

Even with proper tires, there are spots at the dunes with deep and unforgiving sand that will surely get you stuck. A good winch will have you unstuck and having fun in no time!

​Leave your winch installation to the professionals. If your winch is not properly installed, it may not operate at its full potential.


Upgraded Stereo

What's better than shredding through sand??  Shredding through sand while enjoying your favorite jams with crystal clear clarity and chest pumping sound!

Not just any speakers work when it comes to UTV riding. They need to be able to withstand sand, water and mud. We can make recommendations on the best options, and get you all setup to be "rocking in the free world".


There's a lot you can do to enhance your dunes riding experience. Here's a few of the most popular UTV upgrades our customers love:

  • Hitches, Bumpers & Winches

  • Upgraded roll cage

  • Suspension seats

  • New rims and paddle tires

  • Light Bars and Accent Lighting

  • Windshields

  • Roof Kits & Cooler Kits

  • Skid Plates

  • Upgraded Suspension

  • Stereo Systems

  • Doors and Graphics

  • Performance Engine Parts

  • Performance Tuning

  • And a whole lot more!!

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