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Jet Ski Repairs & Diagnostics

At Phoenix Jetski & UTV, we help our customers save more time and money and keep their jet skis running at their best performance!

Quality Jetski Repairs, Maintenance and Upgrades Done Right!

Our lifelong jet ski repair and diagnostics experience includes working on all makes, models and YEARS (yes we service older 2-stroke jet skis!!) of jet skis, SeaDoo boats and even jet boats!


We also leverage advanced state-of-the-art troubleshooting and computer diagnostics software and equipment - Advanced BRP BUDS Diagnostics - to ensure your jet ski is accurately diagnosed and repaired the first time, every time. This saves you time and money and ensures the best performance of your jet skis - an edge that you simply don’t get anywhere!

Let’s be real... Jet ski repair and diagnostics can be hard without solid experience and the right equipment.

People often bring us their jet skis that left other shops scratching their heads. Other people have trouble finding a shop that will offer jet ski repair on older models, as many newer less experienced technicians are being trained only on jet skis that are newer than 10 years. We help with them all! 

Electrical Problems

 Jetskis can develop electrical issues over time.  These issues should be addressed when first noticed to prevent you from the inevitable breakdown

Scan tool diagnostic service

check engine light illumination means it's time for a diagnostic scan. Bring your jetski in and find out the exact issue that needs repair. Saving you time and getting you back riding!

Mechanical Problems

If your ski just seems off, not as fast as it once was, new noises, overheating, these are all indications that something isn’t right.  We can help you determine what your Jetski needs.

Pump Rebuilds

Sucking up rocks, sticks or other debris in the water can quickly damage your pump and cause a loss of power.  If you think your pump could use some love, give us a call and we can get you taken care of.

Jetski Testing Tank

If you know somethings wrong, but just don’t know how to describe it, we’ve got you covered! Maybe you did some home repairs and want to test your jet ski before you take off for day of fun on the water.  Unlike other shops, we have a test tank available on site and are able to test your jet ski anytime (fee required).  We also offer lake tests at Lake Pleasant upon request.

After Hours Service

Your ski never breaks down during the traditional 9-5.  If your ski ever fails you on the evening or weekends, don’t worry, here at Phoenix Jetski & UTV, we’ve got you! Call or text and ask about our premium after hours services.

Reflash ECU

Did you know you can reflash your jetski and get more power without adding any parts?  We can reprogram your ECU to unlock the full potential of your jetski.  Reflashing your ECU can increase your RPM limit, improve fuel maps, remove speed limiters, improve ignition timing maps, remove throttle restrictions, improve throttle control and reaction.  Reflashing OEM Seadoo ECU with another factory seadoo firmware (ex. Seadoo rxt 215 ecu reflashed to a 255 tune.)


Authorized AMSOIL Dealers

AMSOIL is renowned for longer lasting superior quality synthetic oils that ensure peak engine efficiency, unmatched wear protection, engine cleanliness and fuel efficiency. Experience the AMSOIL difference at Phoenix Jetski & UTV.

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